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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Kamen Rider Series (This Fall) - Kamen Rider Fouze!!!

A new Kamen Rider series has been confirmed for this Fall.  It is going to be called Kamen Rider Fouze (仮面ライダーフォーゼ ), Fouze = four (4) & zero (0).  Kamen Rider 40!  Well.. whatever the title means, I am eagerly anticipating this new series. 
Some info from what is known thus far about the series (Source: Jetfusion):
First rumored as Kamen Rider Dragon, it is finally confirmed that the 13th Heisei Kamen Rider will be called Kamen Rider Fouze. The trademark had been registered on May 19, 2011.
No other information have been confirmed up to this post. But as per previous rumors, D-Boys member Ryuki Takahashi is slated to play a high school student who suffers from memory loss. He inherited the Kamen Rider Fouze Rider System from his father to fight "Noa."
Accordingly, Kamen Rider Fouze will be stylized as Kamen Rider 40, with "40" be read as "Fouze," "Four-zay" or something along those lines. But this one doesn't show up in the registration, unlike Kamen Rider OOO's.
Is this the finalized design of Kamen Rider Fouze?  I like it... and it looks pretty serious, kinda reminds me of Kamen Rider Black.  Maybe we are moving back to a darker Kamen Rider series (akin to Kamen Rider Black / Kuuga / Kabuto), it would be a nice change of pace with the recent lighthearted / sometimes goofy Kamen Riders.  Well is still early, but I shall keep searching for the latest updates.
 Info & Images from Jetfusion & CyberGundam


  1. The costume designer is Kenta Amamiya, and it really is reminiscent of Hakaider.
    Somehow, after W and 000, and even more because of the name, I'm expecting Fouze to use 4 things as a henshin device (W used 2 USB, 000 used 3 medals).

  2. I miss the day of simple Kamen Rider without strange gadgets and gimmicks. But they must sell some toys anyway.

  3. This year or is it next year is suppose to be the 40th Anniversary of Kamen Riders series.... so I think that is the reason they use KR40 as the title... then again, maybe I'm wrong...

  4. well, I am bored with those colorful thing rider,, I hope the next rider will be darker as you were said before


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