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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kamen Rider Wizard - New TV Trailer - UPDATED 8/18/12]

Kamen Rider Wizard  (Airing in Japan on Sept 2nd 2012)

(Scan above by Gundam Guy, Images below via Jefusion)
An update from this year's 42nd issue of TOEI Hero Max had revealed the abilities and powers bestowed upon each of the Kamen Rider Wizard Styles. Each "Styles" represents the element it manipulates.
Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Style is his basic form when he scans the ring on the Wizard Driver. The main attribute is Fire and has the power to manipulate flames and heat.
Kamen Rider Wizard Hurricane Style can be utilized with the use of the ring with the hurricane wind attributes. He sort of dances to invoke wind and allows him to fly in a certain height.
Kamen Rider Wizard Water Style utilizes with the use of the water ring with water or aquatic attributes. He has the ability to manipulate the water.
Kamen Rider Wizard Land Style is a land transformation using the ring with ground or soil attributes. It is best used to defend against enemy attacks, summoning a wall from the ground.

Instead of a magic wand, Wizard's main weapon is the WizardSwordGun. It is a wizard magic weapon that is both gun and sword. To use, he utilize Fire Magic by a hand shake present on the weapon.
Kamen Rider Wizard fights enemies which are born on an ancient solar eclipse ceremony. These enemies are called "Phantoms". Haruto (Shunya Shiraishi) and Koyomi (Okunaka Makoto) survived the incident. Meanwhile, Haruto disguises himself as Kamen Rider Wizard with the transformation device given to him by a mysterious white magician.
Kamen Rider Wizard premieres September 2nd.  (Info via Jefusion)

After registering the copyrights last week, our very first image for the 14th Heisei Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Wizard, has finally been revealed! Just like the rumors before says, it is a blackish rider with cape
A Japanese fan spotted the filming location of Kamen Rider Wizard at Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park. According to him, the Protagonist is wearing a Red cardigan, who attempts to cast a spell, "Chi-chin n puipui." It is said to be for the “Burning Fire” attack!
Kamen Rider Wizard's Wizard Driver is also seen to have a hand on it, representing the number "five." He is rumored to use "five Wizard Rings" to transform, to be inserted on the belt.
Keep posted for the latest update for Kamen Rider Wizard in the next few days. Stay tuned!
UPDATE: Kamen Rider Wizard's basic form is called Flame Style, with the Wizarswordgun as his weapon. The title logo similar like Kamen Rider Kiva's.

 [News via Jetfusion]


  1. Okay.... what? I was okay with the rider design, but the henshin words are terribly awkward. "Please?" "Hi, hi, hi" "Come on a slash, shake hands"?
    There are better ways to say "Fire" than "Hi, hi, hi, hi,hi".....

  2. the design is actually pretty good (except the belt...)


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