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Monday, December 24, 2012

PSP: Ultraman All-Star Chronicle - First Images & Info

PSP: Ultraman All-Star Chronicle (Release Date: March 3rd 2013, Pice: 6,280 yen)

Ultrajman Star Chronicles

The eagerly-awaited Ultraman All-Star Game is finally here!

Tactical Battle game unfolds popular character Ultraman appeared to number! To expand the original story also convinced Ultraman fan, while carefully strategize, You can enjoy a unique battle Ultraman!

■ All-Star Battle of Ultraman monster vs alien-kicked off! Now his and monsters that appeared in the popular Ultraman Ultraman successive work, All-Star dream battle alien appeared a total of more than 50 characters. Also participated in the latest character TV!

■ First PSP! Tactical Battle Ultraman! We move as a unit while a lot of Ultraman, players aim at victory conditions for each stage. Annihilation of the enemy and our victory conditions, such as suppression of individual leaders. Confront the alien-monster warrior corps Ultra!

■ Expand the original story of convincing fans! Is expanded completely original story, ultra warriors confront a legion of brutal alien-monsters. Thoroughly enjoy the unique story of Ultraman!

■ Choice of unique game Ultraman va-voom! "Mortal" or reproduced by 3D movies, there is a "skill" for each character, packed with fan system of consent. Other, to nurture and favorite Ultraman "mate ur ROYALTY Evolution System", Rich with strategic as well as "team color timer system"!

◆ Special product code your custom theme (10 types) can be downloaded
◆ Available on Mobage "Ultraman Battle Collection"
◆ Serial code card of "Ultraman" Ultraman "zero"

*Info translated using Google Translate. Images & info via Cybergundam Blog

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